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General Walt Disney World

WaltDisneyWorld is the largest single site employer in the United States

Walt Disney World has only closed 5 times, Hurricane Floyd in 1999, Hurricane Frances and Jean in 2004, Hurricane Matthew in 2016, a Power failure in 2002 and right after Sept. 11th, 2001

Since it opened in ’71, the Monorail has racked up enough miles to equal over 30 round trips to the moon!

There are enough empty land and plots on Walt Disney World property to build a whopping 20 more resort hotels!

There’s a forest shaped liked Mickey right off of Walt Disney World property in Clermont Florida, it is only visible from the sky! It was planted in 1992 by cast members and volunteers!
Hidden mickey off property

Magic Kingdom

On opening day they were expecting 100,000 guests to the Magic Kingdom. There was only about 10,000 in attendance.

In 1971, the e-ticket (main/more expensive) rides in The Magic Kingdom were Country Bears Jamboree, Hall Of Presidents, Haunted Mansion, It’s a Smallworld, Jungle Cruise, Pirates Of The Caribbean, & Space Mountain

It opened Oct 1, 1971, but the inauguration wasn’t until  Oct 25, that gave them time to fix the massive amount of issues that came up after opening

The Liberty Tree in the center of Liberty Square is a live oak tree & commemorates the meeting place of the Sons of Liberty. It is 135 years old and weights 35 tons.

On opening day the admission to enter the Magic Kingdom was $3.50 with various teared ticket books available to buy to go on rides.

Cinderella Castle

The murals in the castle were made by Dorothea Redmond and have 500,000 tiles in 500 colors including. some with 14 karat gold!

Jungle Cruise

Each scene in The Jungle Cruise is taken from true-life adventure series that Walt Disney produced in the 60s.

Haunted Mansion

You cannot see ghosts until you are pushed out the window and die in attic scene

Tombstone of JThaddeus Toad was placed in pet cemetery after Mr. Toads Wild Ride closed in 1998.
Toad tombstone

Many fans now about a hidden ring in the pavement outside of the attraction, this is really left over from a “photocell” that was removed after the ride opened.

The hearse in front of Haunted Mansion was used in the John Wayne movie, “The Sons of Katie Elder”

Astro Orbitor

Was originally called star jets and opened in in 1974

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Imagineer named George was killed during the building & supposedly haunts it. Cast say “good night George” b4 shut down the ride at night to prevent the ride from breaking down the next day.

Splash Mountain

The main drop is 52 feet with an incline of 45 degrees. Top speed is 40 mph.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

It has 6 trains. The names are I.B. Hearty, I.M. Brave, I.M. Fearless, U.B. Bold, U.R. Daring and U.R. Courageous.

Space Mountain

There are 2 Coasters with a height of 92 ft. Top Speed: 27mph. The alpha track is 3196 ft, Omega track is 3186 ft long.


The Innoventions plaza fountain shoots water 150 ft up. Contains 108,000 gallons of water and shoots 30,000 gallons a min.

Spaceship Earth

It has a custom drainage system, it drains rain into the world showcase lagoon. Stand under it & you won’t get wet!

It weighs 16 million pounds and its outer shell is made up of 11,324 aluminum and plastic-alloy triangles.

Test Track

The ride is 4,286 ft long and reaches a top speed of 65 mph making it the longest and fastest ride at Walt Disney World.

Hollywood Studios

The number on the red trolly that sits on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood Studios is numbered 694. Short for June 1994, the day Sunset Blvd officially opened!

Rock n Roller Coaster

The band U2 was approached first about the concept for Rock n Roller Coaster but declined. They then approached Aerosmithas 900 speakers in outside

It has 900 speakers in outside courtyard with 60 hours of recorded music, a song never plays twice!

Toy Story Mania

There is board game in the queue for Toy Story Mania. The barcode on the box translates to December 15, 2006. The day Toy Story Mania was announced!

Tower Of Terror

It was repainted shortly after opening so that it’s coloring would blend into Morocco since it’s visible from Epcot!

Animal Kingdom

The Savannah at Animal Kingdom is 110 acres, Almost the same size as the entire Magic Kingdom at 142 acres

Ever wonder why the tram lane in other parks is straight but the Animal Kingdom “slithers”. It’s designed to look like a snake!
parking lot snake

Tree Of Life

It has over 103,000 leaves on 8,692 branches and was built on top of an old oil rig to provide stability in the harsh Florida wind.


This Trex in the front of Dinosaur is a replica of Dino Sue, the most complete replica ever found and is 13ft tall and 40 ft long.

Exhibition Everest

Despite claims, it is not the tallest mountain in Florida. It sits 320 ft above sea level, Walton Count’s Britton Hill sits 345 ft above sea level.

The most expensive coaster at Disney? Expedition Everest cost $100 million and is 199.5 feet tall.

Walt Disney World Resorts

Rooms @ Polynesian and Contemporary were built off site. Rumor that made to be removed later is untrue though

These tennis ball cans at All Star Sports can hold 9,474,609 regulation size tennis balls.

All star sports

It would take more than 20 million 12-ounce cans of Coke to fill these giant cups at All Star Sports.

Universal Studios Florida

Harry Potter

The dragon on top of Gringotts Bank breathed fire over 15 thousand times at a temperature of 3,560⁰F! 16 times hotter than boiling water!

There are 7,456 bricks in the entrance to Diagon Alley and they weigh more than 37,000 pounds!

If you dial 62442 (MAGIC) in the phone booth outside Kings Cross Station you will connect to the Ministry of Magic!

Revenge Of The Mummy

All of the hieroglyphics on Mummy spell out actual words.Most are Warning or Cautions to tell you whats coming.

Blue Man Group

The building that houses Blue Man Group used to be Nickelodeon Studios. As a tribute, restroom has green slime on the floor!
restroom slime

Islands Of Adventure

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was the inspiration for Pharos Lighthouse at the entrance.

Seuss Landing

There is this photo op in Seuss Landing. The person on the left holding a flag is Dr. Seuss himself!
seuss landing


There are still 6 Killer Whales at SeaWorld Orlando. They are Malia, Makaio, Nalani, Trua, Kayla, and Katina!

Busch Gardens

Kumba means Roar in Swahili. When it opened it was the tallest, fastest and longest coaster in Florida.

When Shiekra opened it was the first dive coaster in the USA!

Kennedy Space Center

Only 9% of the Kennedy Space Center land is developed. The rest is a wildlife sanctuary including a wildlife refuge & National Seashore.

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