GORILLAS DON’T BLOG: Two Instamatics, December 1969

GORILLAS DON’T BLOG: Two Instamatics, December 1969
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Here are two random photos, courtesy of (you know him, you love him) good old Mr. X; both of from December, 1969. In just weeks, the world would graduate from the 60’s to the 70’s! Cue the disco music.

 So much for sunny Southern California – with that gray sky, it looks fairly bleak and chilly. Or at least the SoCal version of chilly – Mr. X might have had to put on a sweater! Oh, the shame of it. But in spite of the cold, I still love this view, with a buttercup-yellow Peoplemover heading uphill – or is it heading downhill? It’s so hard to tell the front from the back – what they needed was a bubble dome. I think it’s cool that the Peoplemover was able to go up some fairly gnarly gradients – presumably as evidence of its practicality in real-world situations. Down below, candy-colored Autopia vehicles huddle together for warmth.

There’s the Fred Gurley – old # 3 (actually old, dating from 1894!) is chugging into New Orleans Square station. It looks great! The surrounding buildings are not as ornate as the ones found in NOS proper. What do you expect from the area right next to the tracks? I wonder if they have any function other than being decorative. Are there offices in them?

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