Main Street U.S.A., July 1972

Main Street U.S.A., July 1972
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When I was a punk kid, all I wanted to do was smoke clove cigarettes, hang out at the video arcade, and dance at the disco. So I was WAY too cool to enjoy the charms of Main Street USA. Sure, I liked it, but I walked through as fast as possible to get to the other lands (possibly stopping to visit Mr. Lincoln).

Nowadays, I wish I had slowed down a little to do things like… ride the Horse Drawn Streetcar! Something I still haven’t done, much to my shame. This family was smarter than me. There’s mom, and another lady (friend? sister?), along with a bunch of bambinos posing for a cheerful portrait.

YOU ARE THERE! Apparently, dad (the photographer in most cases) hopped aboard at some point; the Streetcar has already headed up Main Street and is now on its way back toward the train station, flanked by the firetruck.

You knew this was coming… it was inevitable… the castle, with plenty of ivy to soften the appearance. By now the compass rose has been added to the plaza in front of the bridge. As is often the case with this batch from ’72, I love the occasional accents of pure color here and there.

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