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As Walt Disney once said “Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world”. In this section, we are going to keep track of the constantly rumored development and enhancements of the theme parks. Some things may seem incredibly far-fetched, others, well… may just be a reality! This page will track all these and attempt to order them by which ones have the most substance behind them.

Green – Verified and announced (items in this section will be moved to projects once the project has officially started)
Yellow – Substance (This section has a lot of evidence, talk or discussion but has not been officially announced yet)
Red – Will not happen (Items here have been verified that they will not happen. This is the last stop for any rumor. These
are kept for a while as a reference but will eventually be removed)
Black – Newly added or fresh (these items were just added or there is not enough substance yet to prove its truth)

Walt Disney World

The Magic Kingdom

Many new additions for the Magic Kingdom’s 50 Anniversary Celebration in 2021. Current :

  • New nighttime parade premiering
  • Possible replacement for Happily Ever After
  • Something new in every park to open by the celebration
  • “50 Things” marketing campaign will take place to list 50 new things added to the parks in celebration of the 50th

Other :

  • Tron Lightcycles to be built in empty space adjacent to Space Mountain
  • Tomorrowland Speedway possibly getting rethemed to either Candy Crush Racers from Wreck It Ralph
  • Carousel of Progress will be getting a refurbishment with possibly an updated final scene
  • Possible plan to replace the Tiki Room
  • Possible new Moana attraction called Fire Island coming to Adventureland?
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson said on Instagram that he is working with WDI to revamp the Jungle Cruise Attraction. Disney has denied this though.
  • Possible Haunted Mansion themed restaurant in the works?
  • A brand new attraction based on Wreck-It Ralph may replace Stitch’s Great Escape


  • Universe Of Energy Pavilion will be completely renovated. Current first rumors suggest that it may become a Tron light cycle ride that is currently in Disneyland Paris but new rumors suggest that it is looking more like a possible Guardians Of The Galaxy type ride. Disney has recently come to a deal With Universal who currently owns the theme park rights to the Marvel characters in Orlando to be able to use Marvel characters in the parks that are not already being represented in the Universal theme parks. GOTG is one of them so this is starting to look truer. The rumors suggest that it may be a roller coaster type ride with vehicles that will convert you from sitting to a flying position. The current building will be the fully themed queue with a new show building built behind it with a connecting corridor.
  • Ratatouille Coming to the France pavilion. This is all but confirmed as definite. There was a rumor that Disney was deciding between a Beauty And The Beast attraction or Ratatouille and it now appears that Disney has decided to go ahead with a version of Disneyland Paris popular Ratatouille ride.  It is rumored to be opening in 2020 and will most likely replace Impressions De France with the current theater being the queue and a new ride building built behind it.
  • Mission Space will be getting an upgrade as early as this summer. New features may include new screens and perhaps new missions or randomized missions similar to Star Tours. UPDATE – Confirmed to a new “green” mission that will take young guests around the earth.
  • Will be the next park to get a MAJOR upgrade that will begin within the next year and is expected to complete by 2021
  • A major push to add more intellectual properties (characters) into the park. Expect many new ride overlays of classic attractions.
  • The first part of the upgrade may be the entire future world entrance area. The Leave A Legacy status will be gone and both stores under Spaceship Earth will be gone.
  • A new country to be added. This has been rumored for ages but appears to be much more substantial now. It appears like the next country will be Brazil with a new theater or ride attached. That is expected by 2021 with a second one that will possibly be Spain behind it. There are even rumors for a possible third one (there are 3 empty slots left in World Showcase) with all 3 being completed by 2025.
  • A simple small ride coming to the UK pavilion. Many rumors about what the theme will be but Mary Poppins is a contender. Not expected to be big, possibly a small boat ride or something. Should be completed by 2021.
  • A new overlay to The Grand Fiesta Tour in Mexico that will feature characters from the new movie COCO. This is the first time that I heard of this but it is supposedly very strong that this is going to happen. Should be completed by 2020.
  • A major update to Illumination that will possibly debut in 2019. Rumors suggest that it will feature the new drone technology that Disney has used during the holidays and in special events.
  • Wonders Of Life pavilion will be demolished. This will give way to the Universe Of Energy rumor while providing more area.
  • Likely to get a new tweak to its name with the upgrade (rumors suggest Epcot being in all caps such as EPCOT or Disney’s EPCOT)
  • Imagination pavilion being rethemed to possibly Inside Out
  • refurbishment are scheduled for Seas, Spaceship Earth and Living With The Land as possible new features are added.
  • Canada’s 360 theater to go digital with an enhanced movie. Other rumors of an addition to Canada have been shot down.
  • The film in the American Adventure will go digital also with a new closing sequence that features more current events.

Hollywood Studios

  • Star Wars land will open in 2019
  • Tower of Terror Will not receive the GOTG makeover an0d will remain untouched.
  • Star Tours will get a new scene from Star Wars Episode 8, The planet of Crait very soon with perhaps another one in 2019 from the new episode 9.
  • Hollywood Studios will definitely be getting a name change when the first phase of the construction finishes in 2018 but it is unknown what.
  • The millennium Falcon Ride will likely be a simulator type ride where riders can affect the course of their path by leaning. 7 pods will seat 6 and rotate slowly on four carousels for loading/unloading. The screen will be outside of the pod.
  • Toy Store land expected to open in May of 2018 UPDATE – Confirmed as summer only
  • A ride based on the history of Mickey Mouse will completely replace The Great Movie Ride. It will feature a ride through the Mickey Mouse Shorts and will open in 2019 alongside Star Wars land.
  • The entire Muppets facade and courtyard will be getting a retheme to match the new adjoining areas.
  • A possible 3rd ride being added to the Star Wars land plans?
  • Star Tours may eventually be rethemed once Star Wars Land officially opens in 2019.
  • Mama Melrose may get rethemed to Muppets.
  • Fantasmic, Possible internal ideas for an update being kicked around.
  • The Voyage of the Little Mermaid may possibly be rethemed when Toy Story Land opens in 2018
  • Star Wars Launch Bay may be getting rethemed when Star Wars Land opens.

Animal Kingdom

  • Chester and Hestor’s DinoRama possibly being closed and renovated? Apparently, this is very likely but no rumors as to what will replace it.
  • River Of Lights might get an update. Recent rumors include adding characters to the projections.

Disney Springs

  • Disney Quest to close down on July 3rd and will be replaced with the NBA Experience.
  • La Nouba by Cirque De Soleil will close down on December 31st. It is now verified that it will be replaced by a new show and the theater will not come down. Rumors indicate that a small tent might go up in the nearby parking lot during the remodel with a temporary show.
  • A possible 4th garage might be in the works for the area adjacent to Cirque De Soleil. 

Water Parks

None at the time (yet!)


Walt Disney World Resorts

  • New Disney transportation option that will work similar to Uber and transport Guests to the parks or their resort rooms with a click of a button. (Confirmed as Minnie Vans)
  • Possible Star Wars theme hotel in the works with an interactive component.
  • Possible new resort planned between Polynesian and Shades Of Green? UPDATE – Cofirmed new DVC Riveira Resort is coming, no location yet though. I believe this is it.
  • New resort coming near the Swan and Dolphin. Full Details Here.
  • New “autonomous” driverless vehicles that will eventually replace the busses
  • Caribean Beach – Possible DVC expansion in the works with a new theme and an integrated lift station for the new Gondola transport system.
  • Possible third tower planned for Contemporary?
  • Hints of rumors that indicate a new mass transit system is in the works that is not the gondolas, monorail, train or bus but no other indications of what it is other than it is years away.

All other areas coming soon!

Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Studios Florida

  • Although Nintendo World has already been confirmed, details have not. The attractions that it is rumored to be replacing are Fievel’s Playland, Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster, Curious George Goes to Town, A Day in the Park with Barney and Animal Actors on Location. The SpongeBob store is rumored to be staying.
  • Revenge of the Mummy may be getting an update with a new film and new scenes that connect it to the new Mummy moved that was released and would connect it to the upcoming Dark Universe series of films. Supposedly scenes were already shot with the cast of the movie for the attraction.
  • There are 2 rumors about the fate of ET. Either it will close down or have its entrance moved to the side closest to the Spongebob store.
  • Construction on Nintendo World is rumored to start later this year and will open in 2020.
  • Fear Factor Live is rumored to be getting replaced with an attraction called Ministry of Magic experience. This may be either a show or a drive through attraction connecting it to Harry Potter.

Islands Of Adventure

  • Universal may be planning on starting construction on phase 3 of Harry Potter World. The rumored area is believed to be the rest of The Lost Continent area with Dragons Challenge, Sinbad, and Poseidon on the chopping block. Rumors also suggest that this may be more based on the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them movies.


None at the moment

Volcano Bay

Way to new for any rumors yet

Universal Orlando Resorts

  • Universal may be planning on building a 7th resort on the old Wet and Wild location with a CityWalk type area attached and a different type of transit system to connect it to the rest of the resort.

Sea World

None at the moment

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

None at the moment

Other Attractions

None at the moment



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